First blog post

Before anyone reacts, let’s get to know me

Hola! I’m Jeuliette Marie Altre, and this page will be dedicated to my introduction speech.

First of all, Jeuliette Altre is not my biological name. Malamang kung Stallion fan ka din, alam mo na kinopya ko lang ‘yan sa Book #50 and #51 ng Stallion Riding Club Series: Trigger Samaniego. I really like the character and the name, which I’m guessing kinuha lang din ni Sonia Francesca sa isang tunay na fan. So, kung ikaw ang totoong Jeuliette Marie Altre, kaway kaway! Kung gusto mong papalitan ‘to, just talk to me. I will take immediate action. Thanks.

So primarily, I made this page/blog to reach out to my fellow crazy fans, hello out there! I would really appreciate it if we get the chance to communicate. Nakakabagot kasing maging fangirl mag-isa, ‘diba? Walang nakakaintindi kung gaano kagwapo ang kambal na kulugo: Trigger and Jigger, pati na si Mayor Rozen, kung gaano ka-greek god si Angelo, kung gaano kasungit si Reid, etc. I want someone to talk to. :((

But anyway guys, doon sa mga hindi maka-relate sa sinasabi kong kabaliwan, you are still welcome on this page. I will post educational stuff naman here, or anything under the sun that I like. So basically, this is about me trying to share things with you. 

That’s all! Oh, and don’t forget to follow me on Wattpad [if you have an account] @justcmaria.